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What are credit cards?

A credit card is a plastic card that is calculated exclusively at the Bank's expense. The money is provided for temporary use, subject to the accrual of a specified percentage. The limit depends on the credit card holder's ability to pay.

Credit card dumps differ in their level of privileges:

Instant. The simplest plastic product that does not have personal information printed on the front side. It is characterized by a minimum cost of maintenance and the simplest functionality. These cards are not always accepted at retail outlets and are not used abroad. In addition, the instant product is not suitable for payments on the Internet.

Standard. A common variety that includes the necessary functions. Classic in the world of credit cards.

Cobrand-ed. Associated with loyalty programs of retail chains, brands, or airlines. They provide the client with bonus points that can be buycvv on a variety of benefits.

Platinum. As a rule, they are issued only to status clients. They are distinguished by ultra-high limits and an extensive list of additional bonuses.

Banks attract future customers with preferred credit cards. However, the tempting wrapper hides high loan rates, a short grace period, and heavy penalties for delinquency.